2011 Nominations

The KOMIKON AWARDS has been a highlight of two previous events, KOMIKON 2006 and KOMIKON 2009. It is with great delight that we bring it back in celebration of the event’s 7th year. Once again, let us give recognition to those who continue to pour their heart, soul and income to a said “ailing industry” that still thrives to bring entertainment to future generations. The 3rd KOMIKON READERS’ CHOICE AWARDS aims to give spotlight to those the readers deem worthy. Now we soon be opening the nominations for the year 2011. The awards will be given on the 7th Philippine Annual Komiks Convention 2011 this coming November 19.

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  • Different titles created by a single artist/group can be nominated in one category.
  • Nominated works, whether published, independent, or web comic, should have been released between JULY 1, 2009 to JULY 1, 2011.
  • Artists and works that have been nominated in previous KOMIKON Awards can still be nominated provided that their work/s is/are still being published during the nomination period.
  • Nomination period will begin on July 1, 2011 and end on July 15, 2011 via the online link below only.
  • NOMINATION categories can be viewed below.
  • Click on the ‘Nomination Link’ below to enter your nominations in the Online Nomination Form. To give you an idea of who to nominate, you may view previous nominees and winners at the Komikon Awards website. Note that some categories have been changed/added.
  • Nominees will be screened and shortlisted by the Komikon Awards Nomination Board members.

Support your favorite comics and artists by nominating them here:



Voting period will be from August 15 – October 15, 2011. The voting procedures will be announced. For inquiries about the awards, please direct your questions to awards[@]komikon.org with the subject: “Komikon Awards Inquiry“.



  • *NEW CATEGORY* BEST INTERNATIONAL ARTIST – You can call it the “Pacquiao of Philippine Comics”. This is for the artist who makes us all proud to be a Filipino, regardless of whether he or she is an illustrator, inker or colorist based in the Philippines or abroad. We give recognition to the artist that makes us excited to get a copy of a comic and say “Pinoy yan!”.
  • This is for the ultimate… the chosen one. This is for the best among the rest. This means that the comic has achieved its ultimate potential; it’s all that and then some. This covers the mainstream comics, published and sold in the major local bookstores. This is for those that have reached the pinnacle of comic making; it’s up there, head and shoulders above the rest, looking down on us through a magnifying glass. This is for the comic that embodies all the things that made us love comics in the first place. The Best Comic Award is divided into three categories:
    • BEST COMIC: Graphic Novel /Anthology – Graphic Novels are defined as novels whose narrative is related through a combination of text and art, often in comic-strip form. On the other hand, an anthology is a collection of stand alone comic book stories collected in one publication by a group or one author. This award aims to honor the best comic book creator or group of creators for their exemplary work.
    • BEST COMIC: Serialized – A comic series published regularly in a magazine, newspaper or comic book publication.
    • BEST COMIC: Comic Strip Compilation – Here’s a step from the day-to-day print to more lasting impressions. One strip is never enough.
  • BEST COMIC CREATOR (s) – This award recognizes the talents of a solo artist or team of artists in making the best comic there is.
  • BEST COVER – A cover dictates how people see your comic. Sales also depend on the cover. And here we salute those covers that made us look and look hard. And the effort to it took to conceptualize, pencil, ink, and in some cases, to color the cover. The award shall go to the artist or group of artists that created such masterpiece.
  • BEST CARTOONIST – The award acknowledges the countless comic strip artists whose works are published in newspapers, tabloids and magazines. Some might say that comic strip artists don’t get the props that they deserve. They give us the simple delight of a smile, a chuckle or an all-out laugh. They’re one of those everyday things we tend to pass by, yet they’re sometimes important as their humor is sometimes the only solace in those dreary days.
  • GRASSROOT AWARD – This award is for those countless photocopied mini-comics that we now fondly call “indies”. That among those countless black and white comics stood out and proved to be the one with the most Oomph! of them all. This is for the indie that made the biggest dent among the populace be it good or bad, it made enough noise for people to look and take notice. It made enough of a statement that people actually stopped and listened. It brought something new and fresh that has never been done or seen before. Be it the concept, the art, or the story, it was a breath of fresh air among the masses of photocopied, folded in half and stapled twice in the spine comics. This is meant for those who dreamt of making a mark on the comic industry, and have succeeded, quite magnificently at that.
  • Best Webcomic – A lot of effort goes into the webcomics we see and enjoy on the net. And they do not get the credit they deserve. But that’s why we are here, to give props to those under-appreciated webcomics, to give to where it is due.
  • KOMIKS CHARACTER OF THE YEAR – This award is for the most memorable, the funniest and most unforgettable komiks character. It could be male, female, a robot, an animal…anything. This is for our respective favorites, villain or hero.
  • BEST COMICS SCENE – Who would forget that first kiss, that most tragic death, that most exhilarating fight, or even that scene that brought you to tears or made you curl up in laughter?
  • COMICS AID AWARD – Komiks would have not been possible if creators did not have any help. This is for those who have helped take comics from concept to fruition, from the little things to the humongous tasks. For all those who helped from photocopiers to publishers, family and friends, for artists, fans and fellow believers who continue to spread awareness about the industry, this is for those who have helped make what we see before our eyes.

Komikon Awards 2011

3rd Komikon Readers’ Choice Awards 2011
special feature of the 7th Philippine Komiks Convention
(Komikon 2011)
November 19, 2011

The Third Philippines Komikon Readers' Choice Awards logo

Call for Nominations – List of awards and nomination guidelines (starting July 1, 2011)

How to Vote for Komikon Awards – Instructions on how to vote (15 Sep to 15 Oct, 2011)


Nominees for BEST COMIC: Graphic Novel /AnthologyVote here

Nominees for BEST COMIC: SeriesVote here

Nominees for BEST COMIC: Comic Strip Compilation Vote here

Nominees for BEST COMIC CREATORVote here

Nominees for BEST COVERVote here

Nominees for BEST CARTOONISTVote here

Nominees for GRASSROOT AWARDVote here

Nominees for BEST WEBCOMICVote here

Nominees for KOMIKS CHARACTERVote here

Nominees for BEST COMICS SCENEVote here

Summer Komikon 2011 Post Event Report

How is everyone doing with this Summer Heat?

Luckily, Summer Komikon 2011 was as cool as can be last April 16, 2011 at Bayanihan Center. Please read our Post Event press release below.

Download Summer Komikon 2011 Post Event Press Release Report (PDF File, 391 KB)

Summer Komikon 2011 (Credit: Kat Espiritu)

Thank you very much to our Sponsors. You have made a leap of faith with us as we transferred to a new venue.

Thank you very much to our Exhibitors. We hope to make Komikon the best event for your needs.

Thank you very much to our Special Guests and participating artists. You will always be the main draw of every Komikon event.

Thank you very much to the Komikon Volunteers. The spirit of volunteerism is alive with all of you.

And most importantly, thank you very much to all the regular attendees who have followed and supported Komikon and the comics industry wherever and whenever.

We appreciate all your suggestions and we promise to do our best to make Komikon bigger and better with every event. In the mean time, we would appreciate it if you could all take a few minutes to complete this Summer Komikon 2011 Feedback Survey.

Also, please do check out http://www.komikon.org/komikon-awards/ for updates on the upcoming nominations for the 3rd Komikon Awards in November.

We wish to congratulate the following Komikon contest winners:

Character Making Contest Winners

“Bayanihan ng mga Bayani”
Create your own Superhero Team

1st Place: Banakalz by Lariz A. Santos
2nd Place: Payatas Rangers by Robi Oblena
3rd Place: Guerilla by Van Christopher Cielos

CMC 1st Place: Banakalz by Lariz A. Santos CMC 2nd Place: Payatas Rangers by Robi Oblena CMC 3rd Place: Guerilla by Van Christopher Cielos

Comic Creation Contest Winners

“Epic Adaptation”

We apologize for being unable to announce winners during the event because of the number of entries that were submitted. We needed more time to read through all the entries.

First Place: Ibalong: Lupain ng Mga Hiwaga by Argin C. Lerit
CCC 1st Place: Ibalong: Lupain ng Mga Hiwaga by Argin C. Lerit (cover) CCC 1st Place: Ibalong: Lupain ng Mga Hiwaga by Argin C. Lerit (sample page)

Second Place: Aliguyon by Lariz A. Santos
CCC 2nd Place: Aliguyon by Lariz A. Santos (cover) CCC 2nd Place: Aliguyon by Lariz A. Santos (sample page)

Third Place: Hud-Hud by Joe Vincent Alcantara / Jasper Glenn Sancho
CCC 3rd Place: Hud-Hud by Joe Vincent Alcantara / Jasper Glenn Sancho (cover) CCC 3rd Place: Hud-Hud by Joe Vincent Alcantara / Jasper Glenn Sancho (sample page)

Honorable Mentions:
Indarapatra at Sulayman by Paulo N. Alarcon

CCC Honorable Mention: Indarapatra at Sulayman by Paulo N. Alarcon (cover) CCC Honorable Mention: Indarapatra at Sulayman by Paulo N. Alarcon (sample page)
Dilag ni Lam-Ang by Aloyan and Trina Yabut
CCC Honorable Mention: Dilag ni Lam-Ang by Aloyan and Trina Yabut (cover) CCC Honorable Mention: Dilag ni Lam-Ang by Aloyan and Trina Yabut (sample page)

*For those who were unable to claim their prizes and to the winners of the Comic Creation Contest, please claim it on MAY 7, 2011 during the FREE COMIC BOOK DAY at Comic Odyssey in Robinson’s Galleria between 11am to 4pm. Look for the Komikon booth.

Congratulations also to Tomokii, creator of Force-8 zero and Force-8 Track one! As the highest seller from the Indie Komiks Tiange, she will be receiving a free Artist Exhibitor Booth for Komikon 2011.