2011 Nominees for Best Filipino International Artist

Leinil Yu

BEST INTERNATIONAL ARTIST – You can call it the “Pacquiao of Philippine Comics”. This is for the artist who makes us all proud to be a Filipino, regardless of whether he or she is an illustrator, inker or colorist based in the Philippines or abroad. We give recognition to the artist that makes us excited to get a copy of a comic and say “Pinoy yan!”.

Here are the nominees for the Komikon Awards 2011 Best Filipino International Artist:

Francis ManapulFrancis Manapul
(The Flash, Action Comics)

Carlo PagulayanCarlo Pagulayan
(Incredible Hulks, Agents of Atlas)

Stephen SegoviaStephen George Segovia
(Ultimate Avengers vs Ultimates, Silver Surfer, Dark Wolverine)

Mico SuayanMico Suayan
(covers for various)

Philip TanPhilip Tan
(The Outsiders, Green Lantern)

Harvey TolibaoHarvey Tolibao
(Silver Surfer, X-Men: Hellbound, X-Men: Psylocke)

Leinil YuLeinil Francis Yu
(Ultimate Avengers vs Ultimates, Superior)

Voting is ongoing until 15 October 2011!

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