2011 Nominess for Grassroot Award

Wan Mananita

GRASSROOT AWARD – This award is for those countless photocopied mini-comics that we now fondly call “indies”. That among those countless black and white comics stood out and proved to be the one with the most Oomph! of them all. This is for the indie that made the biggest dent among the populace be it good or bad, it made enough noise for people to look and take notice. It made enough of a statement that people actually stopped and listened. It brought something new and fresh that has never been done or seen before. Be it the concept, the art, or the story, it was a breath of fresh air among the masses of photocopied, folded in half and stapled twice in the spine comics. This is meant for those who dreamt of making a mark on the comic industry, and have succeeded, quite magnificently at that.

Here are the nominees for the Komikon Awards 2011 Grassroot Award:

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Freely Abrigo
(Kapitan Tog)

Kevin Justin Ang
(Zombies in Manila)

Kristone Bayoneta & Emil Dela Cruz
(Ice Cream Indie)

Chad Cabrera & Mike Banting
(Drop Dead Dangerous)

Erico Rollan Calimlim

Joanah Tinio Calingo
(Cresci Prophecies, Kanto Inc., Curtains for Hire)

Melvin Calingo
(Pasig, Kanto Inc.)

Mel Casipit
(Baboy, MLU, Mukat)

Kai Castillo

Jonty Cruz & Javey Villones
(Ninja Bear vs Robokat)

JP Cuison

Omeng Estanislao
(Love Story, Anak ng Tupang Itim, Hero, Lipad, Ondoy)

Wan Mananita
(Ang Morion, Unos Mundos)

Hub Pacheco & Teddy Pavon
(WIP Comics)

Gio Paredes

Tepai Pascual
(Maktan 1521, Mark)

The Quarterly Bathroom Companion Comics Compendium

RH Quilantang
(Goodbye Rubbit, Insomnior, Manila Man, Porkypine Rood)

Silent Sanctum Manga
(Silent Sanctum Manga)

Apol Sta. Maria
(Alamat ng Panget)

Macoy Tang
(Ang Mascot, School Run, Taal Monster vs Alien Paru Paro, Operasyon)

Voting is ongoing until 15 October 2011!

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