2011 Nominees for Best Webcomic

Best Webcomic – A lot of effort goes into the webcomics we see and enjoy on the net. And they do not get the credit they deserve. But that’s why we are here, to give props to those under-appreciated webcomics, to give to where it is due.

Here are the nominees for the Komikon Awards 2011 Best Webcomic:

  • By Moon Alone (Hai Ibardolaza, www.bymoonalone.com)
  • Darna Lives (Gerry Alanguilan & Arnold Arre, darnalives.blogspot.com)
  • Kubori Strips (Michael David, www.kuborikikiam.com)
  • News Hardcore (Manix Abrera, www.gmanews.tv/story/202014/manix-abreras-news-hardcore-1)
  • Tabi Po (Mervin Malonzo, www.tabi-po.com)
  • Work in Progress (Hub Pacheco & Teddy Pavon, www.wipcomics.com)

Check out these websites and see for yourself!

Voting is ongoing until 15 October 2011!

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