Summer Komikon 2011 Indie Komiks Tiange Participants

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Visit and support the following Independent Comic Groups and Individuals from the Indie Komiks Tiange. Click on the links below to know more about the new and current releases for this year’s Summer Komikon 2011. It contains cover, price, details and summary of each title.

Good news to the Indie Komiks Tiange Participants! The individual or group with the highest sales for the day will receive a free Exhibitor’s Booth for Komikon 2011 in November! Details will be emailed to you shortly.

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Download the list of New and Current Releases (PDF File, 1.71 MB)

Indie Tiange Table 1:
Zombies in Manila 4 by Scratch Comics

Rampage Comics (3 members)
New Releases: Amoy ng KUfPAL
Current Releases: Double Kill, Tabas

Callous Comics (Carlo Jose San Juan)
New Releases: Webcomics: What’s Cooking?
Current Releases: Callous – The Comic Series: Chocolate Chip Wishes and Caffeine Dreams

Scratch Comics (2 members)
New Releases: Zombies in Manila 4
Current Releases: Zombies in Manila 1, 2, 3

Indie Tiange Table 2:

Gerilya Komiks Volume 2 Issue 3 by Gerilya KomiksGio Paredes (individual),
New Releases: Kalayaan #11
Current Releases: Kalayaan #1-10

Gerilya Komiks (5 members)
New Releases: Gerilya Komiks Volume 2 Issue 3
Current Releases: Gerilya Komiks Volume One Compilation, Volume 2 Issue 1 and Issue 2

Tomokii (individual)
New Releases: Force-8 track one
Current Releases: Force-8 zero

Indie Tiange Table 3:

Tokwa't Baboy by CM De Sarao (Pisara)Kickbackers (4 members)
New Releases: none
Current Releases: Purageh Manga Anthology Vol. 1, Vol 2 Side-A, Vol. 2 Side-B

Angelo Tobias (individual)
New Releases: Hollyhock
Current Releases: none

Pisara (3 members)
New Releases: Sagrado Teritoryo, Tokwa’t Baboy
Current Releases: none

Indie Tiange Table 4:

Pingpon-G #2 by Wall Push ProductionsWall Push Productions (3 members)
New Releases: Patintero #3, Pingpon-G #2
Current Releases: Patintero #1-2, Pingpon-G #1, Aenzel #0

Silent Sanctum Manga (7 members)
New Releases: none
Current Releases: Silent Sanctum Manga #5, #5.5, #6

Andoyman (individual)
New Releases: none
Current Releases: Foodcourt

Indie Tiange Table 5:

School Run #4 by MacoyMacoy (individual)
New Releases: School Run #4
Current Releases: Ang Maskot, Operasyon, Taal Volcano Monster Vs. Evil Space Paru-Paro, School Run #1-3

Wan (individual),
New Releases: none
Current Releases: Ang Morion No. 1-3, Unos Mundos 2-5

Salimpusa (5 members)
New Releases: Miles, Ibalong: Lupain Ng Mga Hiwaga, The Photographer
Current Releases: Aswang Files: Declassified (Issue 1-2), Magugunaw Na Ang Mundo, Nasa’n  Ka Na Ba Labs Ko?!, The Monkey and the Turtle, The Unwanted

Indie Tiange Table 6:

Crack! by Freely AbrigoMarked Pinoy (4 members)
New Releases: none
Current Releases: Myth-Tech

Greepo Comic Group (2 members)
New Releases: Gripo #3
Current Releases: The Curfew Book 1-Book 2 Chapter 1, Gripo #1-2

Freely Abrigo (individual)
New Releases: Crack
Current Releases: Kapitan Tog 1-2, Kulas

Indie Tiange Table 7:

WIPCOMICS Issue #2INorth (8 members)
New Releases: none
Current Releases: Dove Tail, Nawawala, Adieu, Jeckyl and Hyde, Samurai Scribe, Kroma

Work in Progress Comics (2 members)
New Releases: WIPCOMICS Issue #2
Current Releases: WIPCOMICS Issue #1

Indie Tiange Table 8:

Filipinas '70 by AgapeAgape (2 members)
New Releases: Filipinas ’70, A Certain Artist’s Journal, Love Attraction
Current Releases: none

Amado Aparentado III (individual)
New Releases: Duyan ng mga Magigiting # .5
Current Releases: none

Molning Lescue (2 members)
New Releases: Sketch!!!, No Kings
Current Releases: none

Indie Tiange Table 9:

Daniel Magtanggol by Obvious ProductionsHyper Comics (individual)
New Releases: In Between, Mark’D
Current Releases: Hyper Comics

Obvious Productions (2 members)
New Releases: Daniel Magtanggol
Current Releases: Gwapoman 2000 #1-2, DinoShogun #1,

Quarterly Bathroom Companions (4 members)
New Releases: none
Current Releases: Shotgun, Windmills 3, Quarterly Bathroom Companion Comics Compendium, Target

Indie Tiange Table 10:

Krisis Komix World Krisis by FPJ Jr.Atomic Underground (4 members)
New Releases: none
Current Releases: Atomic Underground #1, 2, 7

FPJ Jr. (individual)
New Releases: Krisis Komix World Krisis
Current Releases: Krisis Komix Identity Krisis

RH Quilantang (individual)
New Releases: Rebolusyon
Current Releases: none