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Voting Period will be from 15 September to 15 October 2011.

2011 Nominess for Grassroot Award

GRASSROOT AWARD – This award is for those countless photocopied mini-comics that we now fondly call “indies”. That among those countless black and white comics stood out and proved to be the one with the most Oomph! of them all. This is for the indie that made the biggest dent among the populace be it good or bad, it made enough noise for people to look and take notice. It made enough of a statement that people actually stopped and listened. It brought something new and fresh that has never been done or seen before. Be it the concept, the art, or the story, it was a breath of fresh air among the masses of photocopied, folded in half and stapled twice in the spine comics. This is meant for those who dreamt of making a mark on the comic industry, and have succeeded, quite magnificently at that. Continue reading “2011 Nominess for Grassroot Award”

2011 Nominess for Best Comics Scene

BEST COMICS SCENE – Who would forget that first kiss, that most tragic death, that most exhilarating fight, or even that scene that brought you to tears or made you curl up in laughter?

Here are the nominees for the Komikon Awards 2011 Best Comics Scene:

Bayan Knights vs SipakaBayan Knight vs. Sipaka
(Bayan Knights 2 by Monsanto)

Boy Ipis vs Incredible BullBoy Ipis vs. Incredible Bull
(Astiging Boy Ipis 2 by Ignacio/Monsanto/Zamar)

Kuya Tim combines with KikiamsKuya Tim combines with Kikiams
(Kubori Kikiam by David)

Pacquiao EmergesPacquioa Emerges
(Zombies in Manila 1 by Ang)

Pedicab ScenePedicab Scene
(Filipino Heroes League by Fabregas)

Voting is ongoing until 15 October 2011!

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2011 Nominees for Best Komiks Character

BEST KOMIKS CHARACTER – This award is for the most memorable, the funniest and most unforgettable komiks character. It could be male, female, a robot, an animal…anything. This is for our respective favorites, villain or hero.

Here are the nominees for the Komikon Awards 2011 Best Komiks Character:

Best Komiks CharacterClick on the image for a bigger photo

Alexandra Trese of Trese

Apog of Insomnoir / Manila Man

Bebe of Aha Hule

Bertong Badtrip of Kikomachine

Boy Ipis of Astiging Boy Ipis/Bayan Knights

Calvin Jacobs of Love is in the Bag

Codename: Bathala of Codename: Bathala / Bayan Knights

Eli of WIP Comics

Elmer of Elmer

Gwapoman of Gwapoman/Bayan Knights

Jake of Elmer

Kapitan Tog of Kapitan Tog

Kidlat Kid of Filipinos Heroes League

The Kikiams of Kubori Kikiam

Manila Man of Manila Man/ Bayan Knights

Maso of Maso / Bayan Knights

Sandata of Sanduguan

Taal Monster of Taal Volcano Monster vs Evil Space ParuParo

Tusok Tusok Buhok of Kikomachine

Voting is ongoing until 15 October 2011!

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2011 Nominees for Best Webcomic

Best Webcomic – A lot of effort goes into the webcomics we see and enjoy on the net. And they do not get the credit they deserve. But that’s why we are here, to give props to those under-appreciated webcomics, to give to where it is due.

Here are the nominees for the Komikon Awards 2011 Best Webcomic:

  • By Moon Alone (Hai Ibardolaza,
  • Darna Lives (Gerry Alanguilan & Arnold Arre,
  • Kubori Strips (Michael David,
  • News Hardcore (Manix Abrera,
  • Tabi Po (Mervin Malonzo,
  • Work in Progress (Hub Pacheco & Teddy Pavon,

Check out these websites and see for yourself!

Voting is ongoing until 15 October 2011!

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2011 Nominees for Best Cover

BEST COVER – A cover dictates how people see your comic. Sales also depend on the cover. And here we salute those covers that made us look and look hard. And the effort to it took to conceptualize, pencil, ink, and in some cases, to color the cover. The award shall go to the artist or group of artists that created such masterpiece.

Here are the nominees for the Komikon Awards 2011 Best Cover:

Bayan Knights 4Bayan Knights 4
(Harvey Tolibao & Romulo Fajardo, Sacred Mountain Prod.)

Bayan Knights 5Bayan Knights 5
(Gilbert Monsanto, Sacred Mountain Prod.)

(Gerry Alanguilan, Komikero Publishing)

Kapitan Tog 2Kapitan Tog 2
(Freely Abrigo)

Kubori Kikiam: We Heart Short ShortsKubori Kikiam: We Heart Short Shorts
(Michael David, Point Zero Comics)

Punnx 2Punxx 2
(JP Cuison)

The Quarterly Bathroom Companium Comics CompediumThe Quarterly Bathroom Companium Comics Compedium

Skyworld: ProdigalSkyworld: Prodigal
(Ian Sta. Maria, Alamat Comics)

Skyworld: TestamentSkyworld: Testament
(Ian Sta. Maria, Alamat Comics)

Trese: Mass MurdersTrese: Mass Murders
(Kajo Baldissimo, Visprint)

Zombies in Manila 1Zombies in Manila 1
(Kevin Justin Ang)

Voting is ongoing until 15 October 2011!

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