Komikon 2012 – Komiks Kalye

Komiks Kalye Artist Line Up

Welcome to KOMIKON’s 2nd KOMIKS KALYE (Artists’ Alley). Get your sketches drawn by your favorite artists at the Conference Room F

Komiks Kalye is Komikon’s own version of the Artists’ Alley. For Komikon 2012, our participating artists are as follows:

Komiks Kalye Artist Line Up


  1. Participating artists will only do sketches on the paper provided by KOMIKON (with Komiks Kalye label). Sketch cards and half page papers are priced at P50 each and are available at the KOMIKON booth at the Main Hall and at the Conference Room F. See the whole event floorplan here. Paper is non-refundable.
  2. Artists can sign artworks or comics that will be available during the KOMIKS KALYE, provided there is available time (no people on queue for sketching).
  3. Artists will sign artworks with dedications to the owner or another recipient.
  4. Artists reserve their right to decline requests.
  5. Attendees should have references ready for artists (for special requests).
  6. Payment for artworks should be given directly to the artist.
  7. Artist Schedule and Rates (for sketch card size, and half page size respectively) are:
  8. 2:00 to 4:00 pm

    Lui Antonio (Php 300, Php 500)

    Heubert Khan Michael (Php 300, Php 500)

    Carlo Pagulayan (Php 300, Php 500)

    Stephen Segovia (Php 300, Php 500) *head sketch only

    4:00 to 6:00 pm

    Jomar Bulda (Php 200, Phph 300)

    Roy Allan Martinez (Php 300, Php 500)

    Wilson Tortosa (Php 300, Php 500)

  9. The artists may have several existing sketches, prints, or items for selling at the Conference F. Don’t hesitate to inquire.
  10. Be nice, polite and supportive of our artists!