Summer Komikon 2011 Program Schedule

Summer Komikon 2011 Program Schedule

Time is of the essence. This Saturday, knowing the program schedule will give you a great advantage on how to manage your time. To get the best possible Komikon experience for this 3rd Summer Komikon, ask yourself the following questions:

The next important thing for you to know is the Program Schedule of the day so that you know what time you have to be there, and how much time you have to go around, buy lots of komiks, and meet Filipino artists.

Here is the Program Schedule for Summer Komikon 2011:

Summer Komikon 2011 Program Schedule

Here are some more reminders and what to expect on Saturday:

1) If you bought a ticket in advance, proceed to the Information Table first to find out if you are included in the first 200 early buyers who will receive a FREE KOMIKON canvass bag. Claim your bags here.

2) If you were not able to buy a ticket at Comic Odyssey, it’s okay. We will start selling tickets at the venue by 9:30 am. Line up properly and avoid pushing and cutting in.

3) After purchasing a ticket (Php 100), proceed to the entrance. Doors will open at 10am. Present your ticket to the Entrance Personnel, who will tear off a portion of your ticket. Keep the other half of the ticket for a chance to win at the raffle on stage all throughout the day.

4) Make sure that your arm gets stamped for you to be able to enter again if you go out of the venue. You will be given your freebies (comics, Komikon News Journal, etc) at the first time that you enter the venue.

5) Please note that doors at the entrance is for ENTRANCE only and there is a different door for EXIT only. Comfort rooms are located outside Hall A and B of Bayanihan Center. Just ask for directions or follow the signs. Upon exiting, turn left at the corner, then turn another left past the Conference Rooms.

6) Please be mindful of your things while the event is ongoing. The Komikon organizers will not be held liable for any losses.

7) Bringing in of food and drinks will not be allowed inside the venue. Littering is strictly prohibited.

8 ) Visit all the Komikon Booths, Sponsor Booths and Exhibitor Booths. Most of them are giving away a lot of free comics, sketches, toys, etc. You may also have your comic books signed, or have your picture taken with your favorite artist. But remember to be polite and ask permission first. Please try to understand that artists are people too who may get tired.

9) Support our independent comics creators at the Indie Komiks Tiange. The individual or group that will have the highest sales for the day will win a FREE Exhibitor Booth for the main Komikon 2011 in November so get the latest works of your favorite artists!

10) Meet our female guest cartoonists and special guest artist Tony De Zuniga at Komikon Booth C. Buy the latest Komikon merchandise at Komikon Booth D. You can also buy the works of the artists-organizers who work hard to bring you Komikon twice a year.

11) Visit Booth F for the KomikEGGS Exhibit, where artists will be showcasing their Easter egg collections. We will also be providing some eggs and basic design materials that you can use to create your own Easter egg!

12) Write or draw anything at the Freedom Wall located at Booth G. Bring your own writing materials and save some space for the other attendees. Take your picture against the Komikon Photo Wall (for free) at Booth H or have it professionally done for you by FabbyShots (Exhibitor E.01) who will give you a nicely framed print out for a minimum fee.

13) A new Komikon offering is the KomikoNOOK at Booth I, where you can rest your tired feet and read various komiks collections donated by the artists. Everyone is welcome to read any comics from the Komikon Library for FREE! But if you like the comics that you read, please support the artist by buying your own copy and having it signed. 😉 Please also be careful in handling and reading the comic books so that more people will be able to use them.

*This mini-comics library will be accepting donations and contributions from artists and fans alike in terms of new or previously-owned comics that you would like to share with the rest of the Komikon attendees. Just bring any new or old comics that you do not read on Saturday. We aim to increase our collection every Komikon event.

14) Remember to join our Sponsor Contest by Hero Sausages and wait for the announcement of winners at 6:30pm.

15) Watch the selected winning entries from Animahenasyon 2007 and Animahenasyon 2008. Check this link for the list of animated clips that will be shown and their screening schedule.

16) Ticket selling will stop and doors will close at 6:30 pm. Program ends at 7pm where everyone is expected to have had a great day filled with comics.

If you have any questions or problems, you may approach any Komikon Volunteer (wearing a Purple Komikon shirt & volunteer ID) or a Komikon Organizer (wearing a Brown Komikon Shirt & Organizer ID).

Let us all have a fun and komiks-filled day this April 16. See you there!