Digital Coloring Contest 2012

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If you are not yet ready to produce your own complete comics, why not try your hand in digital coloring first?

Digital Coloring Contest 2012 logoKOMIKON DIGITAL COLORING CONTEST

1. Contest is open to all comic book artists/colorists except for professionals with published works sold in bookstores.

2. Register before October 1 by sending an email to contests[@] with the following information:

a. Name of Colorist:
b. Age:
c. School / Company & Occupation:
d. Contact information (mobile no./e-mail)

3. You will receive a reply with the link to where you can download the high-res image of the artwork. Sample image can be seen  below:
Digital Coloring Contest 2012 sample image
4. Download the artwork provided by KOMIKON – Artwork from New Mutants vol. 3 #2 page 20. Pencils by Diogenes Neves and inked by Ed Tadeo. No other image will be accepted in this contest. The artwork downloaded shall not be used for any other purpose aside from this contest and no element in the original artwork shall be edited or changed.
5. Only digitally colored entries will be accepted. Contestants may use any of the following programs: Adobe Photoshop, Corel draw Painter
6. Entries should be in .tiff or .jpg format and have a resolution of 150 – 300dpi. E-mail entries to contests[@] with the subject: KOMIKON 2012: Digital Coloring Contest. Only e-mail entries are accepted.
7. One entry per person only.
8. Deadline of submission of entries is on October 14, 2012

For any clarifications or questions, send us an email at contests[@] with the subject: DCC KOMIKON 2012 Inquiry.