Komikon 2017 Floor Plan with Directory

As Komikon continues to expand, we’re excited to announce that we will be using the MK Tan Hall auditorium of the Bayanihan Center for the first time! The main program which used to be held at the Main Halls, will now be at the MK Tan Hall, together with the Awarding of the 5th Komikon Readers’ Choice Awards. Join us on November 11-12, 2017 from 10AM-8PM on Saturday, and 11AM-7PM on Sunday for the Thirteenth Komiks Convention or Komikon 2017!

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Komikon 2015: Floorplan and Directory

So much komiks to buy, so many artists to meet. How can one possibly do all that in two days?

Don’t fret, check out the floorplans for this year’s Komikon 2015 and plan accordingly. Be reminded that entrance to the event opens at 10AM on Saturday and ends at 8PM. On Sunday, the event opens at 11AM and ends at 7PMContinue reading “Komikon 2015: Floorplan and Directory”

Summer Komikon 2013 Floorplan & Directory

Make sure to drop by each and every one of these booths at Summer Komikon 2013!

Some reminders:

  • Summer Komikon 2013 floor area includes the lobby, Halls A and B, Conference Room BCD, Conference E and Conference F. Make sure to visit each one to make sure you don’t miss out on anything.
  • The Lobby and Halls A & B are open from 10am to 7pm. This is the area for our sponsors and exhibitors. The main stage is also located inside.
  • Conference BCD is open from 10 am to 6pm. This is the area for our Independent Komiks Tiangge and KomikoNOOK (mini-comics library for free comics reading). Please see floorplan below.
  • Conference E is open from 12 noon to 5pm. This is the area for lectures, Screening of Animahenasyon 2012 Winning Entries, and Contest Area.
  • Conference F is open from 12 noon to 5pm. This is the area for Komiks Kalye artist sketching and signing.
  • Attendees are not allowed to bring in food and drinks inside the Halls and Conference Rooms. Please maintain the cleanliness of the whole area at all times. Food concessionaires are available at the Parking Lot side. Other food establishments are available across Pioneer St.
  • Free Parking is available at the Unilab Compound parking area. There are also parking slots at the establishments across Pioneer Street.
  • Check out the  list of exhibitors and sponsors for their specific locations.
  • Click on the image below to zoom in.

Summer Komikon 2013 Floorplan

Indie Komiks Tiangge Floorplan

Summer Komikon 2012 List of Exhibitors and Sponsors

Summer Komikon 2o12 would not have been possible without the participation and support of our exhibitors and sponsors. Do drop by their booths and get freebies, take photos and buy their comics at special convention prices! Please support our rising Independent Comics artists at the Indie Tiangge.

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Komikon 2010 Floorplan and Directory

So that you do not get lost during the convention, here is the Komikon 2010 Floorplan indicating where you can find your favorite artists and stores. Just match the booth number with the directory listing below. Click on the image below to see the full version, or right click then save image as to download a copy.

Visit this link to know more about the Komikon 2010 Exhibitors.

Visit this link to know more about the Komikon 2010 Sponsors.

Komikon 2010 Floorplan

KOMIKON 2010 Directory

A – Information Table
B – Ticket Booth
C – Freebies Table
D – Lunarock Table
E – Enggsoc Table
F – Sulyap Booth: Mel Casipit, Rommel Estanislao, Macoy, Josel Nicolas, Ian Olympia, Gio Paredes, Tepai Pascual, RH Quilantang
G – Komikon and Special Guests Booth

Indie Tiange
I.01 – Wall Push Productions, Jerrico T. Barrios, Skewed Studios Komiks
I.02 – Lady Storykeeper, Hee, Work in Progress Comics
I.03 – Makurai, Camille, Subway Productions
I.04 – Silent Sanctum Manga, Dexter Roxas, Baston Komiks Inc.
I.05 – Salimpusa, Norby Ela, Soul Synth
I.06 – Kickbackers, Carlo Valenzuela, Section Six
I.07 – NestComiks, David Sysing, Krisis Komix
I.08 – Greepo Comic Group, Omi Remalante Jr., DecafClub
I.09 – Gerilya Komiks, Oliver Leang, Scratch Comics
I.10 – C-Shock, Nozombier, Tomokii
I.11 – Inorth, Jeneko, Marked Pinoy
I.12 – Revel Productions, Manga Tree


S.01 – Vibal Foundation
S.02 – Psicom Publishing
S.03 – Astig TV / TV Juan

Not in the floorplan:

  • UR 105.9
  • Circuit Magazine
  • Uno Magazine


E.01 – Dibuhista
E.02 – Aries Mendoza
E.03 – Sacred Mountain Publishing
E.04 – Elbert Or
E.05 – Alamat Comics
E.06 – VISPRINT Inc.
E.07 – deviantArt: Manila Etong Ating Tambayan (daMEAT)
E.08 – Chikara Hats
E.09 – Richard Cadiz
E.10 – Otaku’s Den
E.11 – CS Centrl
E.12 – Comic Odyssey
E.13 – Interactive Art Services, Manila (IAS)
E.14 – Studio Studio
E.15 – Atomic Underground / Robot with a Smile
E.16 – Sindak
E.17 – Akda
E.18 – Polyhedron Comics/Ravencage Studios/Paper Door
E.19 – Core Studios
E.20 – Pol Medina Jr. Novelties
E.21 – Digital Arts Chef (DAC)
E.22 – Point Zero Comics
E.23 – Happy Lockjaw
E.24 – Electromagnetic Tentacle
E.25 – Jess Jodloman
E.26 – Komikasi
E.27 – Groundbreakers
E.28 – Sputnik Fantastik, Inc.
E.29 – Kommix Veterans
E.30 – Cebu Comics
E.31 – Mango Comics
E.32 – PICCA
E.33 – Mythrill / Waltza Fortress
E.34 – Electic Tomato Pixels