Special Guest: Steph Bravo-Semilla

Steph's Artwork


Steph Bravo-Semilla

Name: Steph Bravo-Semilla
Age: secret
Course & School: Bachelor of Fine Arts Advertising, University of the East
List of Works:

  • Inquirer
  • Junior Inquirer

1) When did you start making comics?
I started making cartoons professionally in ’96 for a Phil-Canadian Publishing company; in ’98 for the Inquirer and ’04 saw the birth of Fullhouse in JI.

Steph's Artwork

2) If you weren’t an artist, what would you be doing now?
My first choice was VetMed but I didn’t like the sight of blood.

3) Is it a big deal being a female artist?
It is because there are so few of us!

4) Any advice to female cartoonists, or aspiring young artists?
When I started, I wasn’t aware that it was a predominantly male profession and I was always surprised when they say that it’s a novelty to meet a female artist. Maybe it was because of this that I didn’t feel intimidated or felt less sure of my ability – in fact I think I reveled in it – Go girl power!