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Comics Debate: Batman vs Iron Man

For one reason or another, you just couldn’t make it to Komikon 2010 last Saturday. Too bad, cause here are some awesome reviews (and not so awesome reviews) straight from the event attendees themselves. Read through it, browse the images, watch the videos, and you just might feel that you were there too.

Komikon Reviews (as of November 15, 11:06 PM):
Comics Debate: Batman vs Iron Man
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1) rocketkapre – Komikon 2010 Photodump

13 Nov 2010 by rocketkapre
Maybe it was the size of the venue, or the tiny ingress/egress points, or the fact that so many people were standing still as the waited in line to meet Manix Abrera, but this year’s Komikonfelt positively packed

2) Just got back from Komikon 2010

13 Nov 2010 by Gio Paredes
Just got back from the 6th Komikon and boy the crowd was huge. There are so many people that had attended this year. I am still very tired, but here are some of the pictures that I got from the event. I will post more pictures once all 

3) The Emerging Success of Komikon 2010!

13 Nov 2010 by Geekmatic!
11.14.2010 – A few hours ago the Philippines’ Komikon 2010 has wrapped up its one day event, but what a captivating sight so to speak. On its sixth appearance Komikon 2010 has attracted more Filipinos getting into the comic scene. 

4) Welcome to My World of Insanity – Komikon 2010

13 Nov 2010 by Li-kun
Yesterday’s Komikon was both fun and tiring. I get to stalk see different artists. It was rather different, and somehow I miss Bahay ng Alumni. :”( Although the event hall was supposedly air-conditioned, there were just too many people! 

5) 6th Komikon 2010 Short Update! « DecafClub

13 Nov 2010 by acchan
6th Komikon 2010 Short Update! November 14, 2010 //. 0. so we went there late. about 1-2hrs. it was really getting cramped bit by bit in the afternoon and 6pm. our copies didn’t sell out that much but, were glad to reach a certain 

6) NonSensical Words: Komikon 2010 Part 1

14 Nov 2010 by Michael Buntag
Komikon hasn’t released any official numbers for objective comparisons. But there’s no doubt that cramming attendees and exhibitors into a hall that was half the size of last year’s event, for one day, made for more intimate 

7) NonSensical Words: Komikon 2010 Part 2

23 hours ago by Michael Buntag
Reviews and commentary by Michael Buntag of comics, illustration, art, design, photography, and other related areas of popular culture.

8 ) Callwork: Komiikon 2010!

14 hours ago by (Hazel Manzano)
But the good thing is fast food is just outside the entrance of Komikon hall! Sarap kumain as usual! Nagiging baboy ang itsura kapag kumain ng sisig… Si Doc Ernest, baguhan lang yan at naglabas ng mega sharon (Mega Woman) na komiks! 

9) Komikon 2010 « Music, Love and Life

5 hours ago by nixmusic
Prince and I went to the Komikon 2010 (Comic Convention) at the Starmall Trade Hall after their band practice last Saturday. The venue was packed with comic-loving kids and kids at heart. It’s sad that we’re not able to arrive earlier 

10) Fit to Post – Yahoo! Philippines News » Blog Archive The 6th KOMIKON «

2 hours ago by Jiggy Cruz
It was a special day for Komikon because they launched their first anthology called “Sulyap: A collection of choice independent works” featuring the best and brightest creators in the industry today. In the book are works from Ian 

11) 10 Things About KOMIKON 2010 (Why it was, for me, a hit!)

13 Nov 2010 by ambush007
1. The KOMIKON organizers (most of all Syeri and Lei) were the sweetest and were very professional! 2. Even though Manix Abrera had the longest line again of fans and readers (congrats Manix), did you ever notice almost everyone (even the 6-year-old in front of our table) was holding or reading Kubori Kikiam’s 3rd book? I salute you Micheal!

12) mababang langit: november komikon 2010 @ starmall

13 Nov 2010 by macoy
november komikon 2010 @ starmall. the starmall trade hall was fit to burst yesterday, with the komikon crowd packed tighter than darna’s top (anjanette abayari version). things were so busy at the sulyap table (thanks for letting us use

13) Friends, Fun, & Love in One Weekend « Okasaneko Chronicles

14 Nov 2010 by Kittymama
I’ve never been to a Komicon (a comics convention, it is named after the way Filipinos spell comics in Tagalog, with a k, as in komiks) even though A is an avid graphics novel collector. We went on the invitation of a good friend who

14) The Komiks Advocate: Komikon: A few notes and observation

12 hours ago by Komiks Advocate Unfortunately, I came unprepared for Komikon, but I have to say, I was even less prepared for it than I thought! Even after going through the official site,

15) Subway Productions

2 hours ago by Jon
Here is our group’s entry to the 6th KOMIKON Comic Creation Contest (November 13, 2010, Star Mall Trade Hall). The theme of the contest was Filipino Action Film. So I chose the film San Basilio starred by Lito Lapid.

16) Komikon 2010: Beerkada Comics

2 hours ago by Lyndon – Another successful Komikon ended last Saturday in gorgeous Starmall Trade Hall. I wasn’t able to go around much or even photograph the event as I was busy

17) blog ni bobot: Komikon ulet!

15 Nov 2010 by bobot
Komikon ulet. Na-meet ko rin dun si macoy ng mababang langit, at pati na rin ang mga komiks na ginawa niya. Astig yung School Run! . At siyempre bumili rin ako nung Nardong Tae na komiks, panalo! At ang isa sa mga main guest ng event, 

18) More pictures from Komikon 2010

15 Nov 2010 by Gio Paredes
When the door opened, we went straight to the Komikon place. And just about less than a minute. There were already a longgggg line at the Komikon entrance. Since I’m with Sulyap, I was in the guest list. I went on and pass through 

19) Proud 2 be Geek: My Komikon 2010 Experience!!

16 Nov 2010 by Dio Brando
Anyway, all I can say was Komikon 2010 was…. AWESOME!! You can literally feel the love for the industry as long lines start as early as 10AM. It was such a blissful feeling seeing that the local komiks industry is getting more and more 

20) An Assessment of Komikon

17 Nov 2010 by Paolo Chikiamco
Having attended almost every Komikon that’s been held–whether it be the mid-year Summer Komikon or the “main” event–is something I am proud of. And while some things in the convention changed (some for the better and some for the worse), many things have stayed the same (which is likewise both good and bad). 

21) comicspotting: Komikon 2010 sa ‘Wow, ‘Pinas!’

18 Nov 2010 by kc cordero
HINDI ako nakarating sa nakaraang Komikon pero nabalitaan ko na sobrang saya, maraming tao at soldout ang komiks ng ating mga kaibigan. Congrats! Anyway, naka-feature ang event sa December issue ng ‘Wow, ‘Pinas!’. 

22) Indie Pinoy artists shine at Komikon 2010 – Fit to Post – Yahoo 

18 Nov 2010 by Yahoo! Southeast Asia Editors
At the recently held Komikon 2010, nearly 40 independent comic book artists filled the “Indie Tiange” section with tons of new materials that ranged in categories from comedy, action, science-fiction, and even superhero-types. 

23) Thank You! Komikon 2010 « The Pencil Pushing Area — One Man’s Work 

19 Nov 2010 by Chummy Bertulfo
I know its a bit late, week to be exact, but I just want to thank the Komikon 2010 guys and the Metro Manila komiks fans out there who bought and shelled out there hard earned P20.00 to buy Boy Sipok: Invades the Komikon edition and who 

24) Komikon: A celebration of creativity and literacy – …

20 Nov 2010by Oliver M. Pulumbarit
THE KOMIKON remains a welcoming haven for comic book fanatics, whether theyÂ’re creators or fans, bargain-hunters or autograph-seekers, 

25) WIPCOMICS’ First KOMIKON (ever!) (No Comments)

21 Nov 2010 by WIP
Anyhoo, Ted and I are still reeling after last week’s 6th annual Komikon. (Komikon photos from our Facebook page are HERE.) It was a most excellent event and quite a surreal experience for us (well, for me at least, I dunno about Ted). 

26) Boy Sipok Invades the Komikon pg.5 |

21 Nov 2010 by Chummy Bertulfo
Boy Sipok Invades the Komikon pg.5. Posted on November 22, 2010 by Chummy Bertulfo. 10.345562 123.896933. About Chummy Bertulfo. Just a nobody from the south side of the Philippines trying to have an online presence.

27) Familiar Faces: KOMIKON 2010

24 Nov 2010 by hubpacheco
In the first installment of Familiar Faces, we go to the 6th Annual Komikon, held at the Starmall Trade Hall in Mandaluyong on November, 13, 2010. The premier event of the Philippine comics scene gathers local comics creators and fans 

28) Comic Book Hunt: Photos From the 6th Komikon at the Starmall Trade 

30 Nov 2010 by Ryan
I went with buddies Drew, Kat and Joiz to the 6th Komikon or Komikon 2010, held last November 13 at the Starmall Trade Hall in Mandaluyong city. The event was graced by featured artists Manix and Jess Abrera, Carlo Pagulayan, 

29) FLIPGEEKS » a KOMIKON Experience – PART 1

5 Dec 2010 by Tony Tuason
I know, I know, KOMIKON 2010 seems so far away in the past, and me writing about is very overdue. Better late than never as the saying goes. Though readers beware!, this article is somehow a report, a review, or a criticism, 

30) My 2010 Komikon Experience: Whoa!

17 Nob 2010 by Carlo Jose San Juan, MD
Last weekend, the much-awaited Komikon 2010 took place. As much as I wanted to participate, I couldn’t due to non-comic matters. However, I saw this as a great opportunity to go around and explore… to experience a comic-con from the other side of the table 

31) Komikon 2010

16 Nob 2010by theilldiablo, MD
Last saturday’s Komikon held at Starmall, Edsa featured some big name international artists like Harvey Tolibao, Carlo Pagulayan and Stephen Segovia. 

32) to be updated

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