Komikon Indieket 2015 Registration

Don’t know what Indieket is? Then read about Indieket history here first before proceeding.

Missed Summer Komikon? Here is your chance to showcase your comics to eager comics fans and like-minded comics enthusiasts.

REGISTRATION and SPACE GUIDELINES for Komikon Indieket 2015

There are three options on how to participate:

1) INDEPENDENT ARTIST (Individual or group) – For local comics creators who do not have commercially published works. You will be sharing a table with 1-2 other independent artists. Selling of small merchandize items (bookmarks, pins, print outs, etc) based on your comics is allowed. If you are just starting out, and want to try selling your own comics, this is for you.

Participation fee is 10% of total sales plus 100 Php for an ID. You will also be required to submit one copy of all your comics titles to be sold during the event for Komikon archive.

One registration = one selling slot. The individual or group who has the highest sales will get a free artist exhibitor table at Komikon 2015 on November 15, 2015 (previous winners are disqualified).


2) PROFESSIONAL ARTIST (Individual or group) – For local comics creators who may or may not have commercially published works, but want their own exclusive table. Selling of small merchandize items (bookmarks, pins, print outs, etc) based on your comics is allowed. If you have other items for selling, please see third option below. Maximum of 3 persons behind a table at any given time. ID must be worn at all times while behind the table.

Upon registration, you will be informed of your participation fee and will need to reconfirm your reservation slot by payment of a deposit.


3) MERCHANDIZE SELLERS/SPONSORS – Limited slots open for individuals/groups who want to support the independent comics creators. Also available for anyone who want to sell comics and/or non-comics items. Maximum two tables per registration. Maximum of 3 persons behind a table at any given time. ID must be worn at all times while behind the table.

Upon registration, you will be informed of your participation fee and will need to reconfirm your reservation slot by payment of a deposit.

For all of the above, Komikon reserves the right to assign table locations.



All details below are REQUIRED unless stated as optional

  • Registration will be done by completing an online registration form.
  • Individuals and groups that are selected are required to pay for their IndieKet ID which would serve as their event ticket. If however their group have members that want to enter the event area and/or substitute manning the booth slot they have to buy pre-sold tickets at designated areas.
  • Recommended to have at least one new comics release for 2015 (Jan 1 – present). If there are no new releases, at least two titles of existing/previously released comics should be sold. One hardcopy of all new 2015 comics release or 2015 re-issues must submitted for Komikon archive due on July 1, 2015.
  • There will be a designated time for setting up. Latecomers may not be allowed to sell. Upon arrival, all individuals and members must sign in at the Komikon booth, and present their comics and merchandise that will be sold for inspection.
  • To avoid crowding, ONLY ONE (1) PERSON per group can be seated behind the assigned table (this will be strictly implemented).
  • The organizers have the authority to accept and/or deny applications for INDIEKET.
  • 10% OF TOTAL SALES WILL BE COLLECTED. Everyone must sign out at the Komikon booth. Penalties will be given for those who do not sign out.

RULES and REMINDERS (for both Independent and Professional Artist):

  • Komikon Indieket is for selling your own-made comics – original or fanfics.
  • Image files of the covers and its short description must be laid out in 1) the official psd format downloadable at this site at a later time & 2) .jpeg/.png format and then sent via email to indieket[@]komikon.org after confirmation of your online registration. Email Subject should be: Komikon Indieket 2015 – <name of artist/group> – Comic Covers. Deadline is on July 1, 2015, or until space runs out.
  • It is recommended that your covers indicate for what age group it is appropriate for (GP – General Patronage, PG 13 – Parental Guidance for 13 years and below, R – Mature audience only). (optional)
  • It is encouraged to include the official Komikon IndieKet logo on your cover. Official logos will be sent to the registrants who request via email. (optional)
  • Official comics websites (or personal websites if no official comics website), are requested to add a link or banner image link to www.komikon.org. Details will be provided through email. (optional)
  • At least one representative is required to attend the Pre-Event Briefing at the Bayanihan Center, on August 1 or 8, 2015 (date to be confirmed).
  • Merchandise (small items) will be allowed, ONLY IF, it is based on your own original comics’ creation/characters. If you want to sell bigger items or other merchandize, please register as a Merchandize Seller.
  • Any other merchandise will not be allowed. Unauthorized items will be confiscated by a Komikon representative. Individuals/groups found to have violated the terms and conditions will be subject to penalties the organizers deem necessary.
  • Selling of items will be confined to the designated table. Don’t go around hawking your wares around some other groups. Transgressors will be dealt with accordingly.
  • Please respect other indieket participants, exhibitors, sponsors and attendees’ space and privacy.
  • All Indieket participants, their group mates and friends are responsible for the safety and security of their inventory and belongings at all times. Komikon, the venue, partners and suppliers can not be held liable for any untoward incidents outside the organizers’ control.

Examples of items that will be allowed:

  • Original comics that you (or your group) created using your own original characters;
  • Doujin/fan-made comics that you (or your group) created based on other characters as drawn by you with your own interpretation;
  • Non-comics merchandise (like pins, bookmarks, etc) made by you (or your group) based on your original characters from your original comics

Examples of items that will not be allowed:

  • Pornographic comics and non-comics merchandise depicting child/children;
  • Non-comics merchandise (like pins, bookmarks, etc) based on your doujin/fan-made comics;
  • Non-comics merchandise (like pins, bookmarks, etc) based on established comics/anime/movie/etc characters that you do not own;
  • Display items that are too big or encroach on other people’s space.

Interested indie comic creators can register from April 17 -30, 2015 by filling out the online registration over at http://goo.gl/9RKfk0. For any concerns, please email indieket[@]komikon.org to receive a timely response.