Komikon 2015: Floorplan and Directory

So much komiks to buy, so many artists to meet. How can one possibly do all that in two days?

Don’t fret, check out the floorplans for this year’s Komikon 2015 and plan accordingly. Be reminded that entrance to the event opens at 10AM on Saturday and ends at 8PM. On Sunday, the event opens at 11AM and ends at 7PM

Here is the layout of the whole Bayanihan Center showing the combined Halls A&B, lobby and conference rooms:

Komikon 2015 Floorplan

(Download the full size and directory at this link)

If you don’t have the two day ticket (that you can still buy at Comic Odyssey branches), you can buy a one day ticket on arrival for Php 100. If you come in early, lots of freebies can be received at the entrance (Komikon event catalog, canvass bag, free comics, and more!) There will be a separate entrance line for two-day ticket holders and one-day ticket holders on Saturday 10AM-11AM only. Two-day ticket holders should present their ticket to get their reserved event catalog (we will be verifying ticket numbers!) Our friendly staff will cut off a portion of your ticket and stamp your arm (so you can re-enter as many times as you want).

Watch out for our tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your Komikon 2015 experience!