Komikon 2012 Guest: Dexter Soy

Komikon 2012 Guest: Dexter Soy

Pour Soy Sauce on Your Comics
by Jerald Uy

Anak ng tokwa!

He did it. After floating in the unknown space, Dexter Soy’s name pops every time Captain Marvel’s moniker is dropped in a conversation. Soy, who humbly revealed he had nothing to do with Jamie McKelvie’s groundbreaking design, has been synonymous to Carol Danvers’ clipped hair and covered behind. Critics have also been singing praises of his dynamic painted artwork.

Komikon 2012 Guest: Dexter SoyConstant comparison to Filipino-American X-Force artist Jerome Opeña may not have reached Soy. But knowing that Marvel zombies debate and pull hair over two artists of Filipino descent is like watching a duel between two Juan Lunas, artists bringing Spoliarium in superhero comics.

It has been almost a year since Trese writer Budjette Tan tweeted his Thor fan art. The fact that Tan’s tweet actually reached Marvel Comics may have been bad for the poor writer who had already been accused of being an “agent” of his friends. (Has everyone read that email?)

Nevertheless, Soy’s artwork can speak for itself. No politics needed. Well, perhaps an ad guy who can’t stand not to tweet amazing Filipino art, plus, Soy’s awesome-ness.

It might be the energy or lack of linework,” Soy says about his artwork that caught the eye of Marvel Comics. “I’m not really sure.

Teka, teka…

Dexter Soy Sample Work - Captain Marvel (pencils)
Those who think he tweeted his way to his dream job are underestimating Soy’s years of hard work in improving his craft.

Several years back, I tried to email Image and actually got a response from (Image founder and Savage Dragon creator) Eric Larsen,” Soy recalls. “He said ‘I didn’t know you’re 100% ready.’

After that I wasn’t able to follow up and maybe he forgot about it,” the artist laughs. “Luckily, I haven’t experienced getting rejected since then.

Between projects for independent comic books, Soy may have lost sight of his dream of working for major publishers. He continued to give his best work in any opportunity that came.

Fast forward to the present, Soy can’t help not to smile whenever he reads reviews on Captain Marvel, may it be good or bad.

I feel more excited. I’ve read some reviews and I wasn’t surprised since I’m sure there will always be a positive or negative feedback. I just took the negatives to fuel my eagerness to do better,” he says. The architecture graduate is working on a sketchbook, and, if time permits, an independent comic book.

As of now, I’ll still be continuing doing Captain Marvel. No other project aside from that, except for a personal project of mine.

If you haven’t picked up a copy of Captain Marvel, or at least tried to shake Soy’s hand in today’s Komikon, let me ask you this politically incorrect question, pun intended — May toyo ka ba?

About Dexter Soy: Dex is currently working as an artist for Marvel Comics for Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel. Visit his DeviantArt account at http://nefar007.deviantart.com to know more about him and his works. Or drop by at KOMIKON 2012 on Oct. 27, 2012 from 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM at the Bayanihan Center, Unilab Compound, Pasig City to get his signature, take a photo with him, or just ask for spoilers of Captain Marvel. Entrance ticket is P100.

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