Indie Komiks Tiangge


A: The Indie Tiangge is a no money down selling slot preferably for 1st time and relatively new Komikon Komiks Sellers. The new Indie Tiangge area is situated in the CONFERENCE ROOMS of Bayanihan Center.


A: New komiks creators. Participants of the Indie Tiangge are eligible to sell in it for their first 2 years (4 Major Komikon events ) of selling in Komikon. This took effect last Summer Komikon 2013.

Student School Orgs will be given a priority in securing slots in the Area provided that the comicbooks they are selling are done by active students. While we support that these orgs also try to help out their alumni comic book creators we strongly discourage them in using the Indie Tiangge Area as their selling platform.


A: All Indie Tiangge participants are required to buy an entrance ticket for the event.

The Indie Tiangge / Komikon is 2-day event (Saturday and Sunday, 10am to 7pm) and sellers are required to attend both days. Registered sellers who fail to attend one or both days will be penalized.

It is required that those who will secure a selling spot provide at least 50 copies per new title and at least 10 copies per old title of their comic books for sale. Those who do not have any new title for sale must have at least one old title with 50 copies. THOSE WITH MULTIPLE TITLES can have at least 20 copies per title, provided the total number of copies for all is at least 50. This is to prevent an early sell out during the day and leaving the slot that is provided for the whole day vacant for half the day.

Participants should have their comic books ready for the event 1 month in advance. In part of Komikon���s aim to promote the independents, participants are also required to fill up a form and provide cover and interior page images that will be used for a catalog. They are also encouraged to provide other promotional images and spiels that could help to promote their products.

One copy of every finished book that will be sold at the event will be submitted to Komikon. This copy will be part of an archive of Independent Komiks by Komikon.

Unauthorized and unregistered items will be confiscated.


A: Self published comic books and/or art books created by the seller or his group. This should be the majority of items for selling.

Small merchandise connected to the self-published comic book being sold. I.E. Cards, Bookmarks, Posters (11×17 or smaller). Anything bigger like shirts, other apparel, statues etc. are encouraged to avail of an exhibitor table.

Commissions and other artwork, provided that the selling of such will not impede on the other seller’s allotted space in the table.

Unauthorized items will be confiscated by a Komikon representative.

**** Be aware that all items sold in your Indie Tiangge slot is subject to the 10% sellers fee. Anybody caught omitting sold merchandise will be banned from the Indie Tiangge. ****

Q: How many IDs to we get?

A: 1 ID per group. Strictly ONE PERSON PER GROUP is allowed to stay and sell at the indie tiangge area. If you have friends and/or other group members that want to hang out at your slot please don’t have them block your seatmate’s merchandise.

Q: What can we use to promote our items?

A: One (1) stand alone tarpaulin banner (maximum 2×5 ft) per indie is allowed but should be placed directly behind each group/individual or draped in front of your space on the table. No standing tarp shall be placed outside the indie area. Horizontal tarps are not allowed. Do not use x-stand type to hold up your banners, all standing banners should use a roll up mechanism. Indie participants can also use tarps as table runners as long as the tarpaulin does not cover other participants’ area. 

Promotions done outside of the tiangge is allowed i.e. having someone that would direct them to your selling slot, but avoid blocking other indie group’s space. Also please don’t promote your books while a customer is talking to your seatmates, wait until their transaction and/or conversation is over before you sell your own book. 

Q: What time can we set up?

A: Arrive early and register; the gates are open as early as 8 am for Indie Tiangge participants. Make sure you and your merchandise are all set before the event opens for attendees at 10 am.

Q: What time can we sell?

A: Selling is only allowed between 10 am to 7 pm. Please be considerate of the table space which you will be sharing with other individuals. It would be advisable to use racks, or limit what is displayed on the table. Remember that only 2 ft of the table are for your use. No selling is allowed outside of the indie space. Do not rove around the convention area and hawk your merchandise. You can only sell at your indie tiangge slot.

Keep a record of your sales per day. Submit tally sheets and 10% of total sales from 10AM – 5PM to an authorized Komikon Organizer before 5:30 PM for each day. Failure to submit the seller���s fee and tally sheet per day will be penalized with suspension of eligibility for an Indie Tiangge slot for the next Komikon event.