Comic Creation Contest 2010

Comic Creation Contest 2010

This year’s theme is: MOVIE ADAPTATION

Create a comic based on any Filipino Action Film.

:bulletblue: Contest is open to all comic book artists except for professionals with published works sold in bookstores.
:bulletblue: Contestants / groups are limited to only one entry.
:bulletblue: Entries submitted by groups are required to submit the names of the individuals involved in creating the indie. Group entries with professionals on board are automatically disqualified.
:bulletblue: Entries should adhere to the given theme. Entries deviating from the theme shall be automatically disqualified.

:bulletblue: Submit 3 copies of your entry via air mail to

c/o Patrick Jungco at 2 Ruby Street Southville,Don Antonio Heights, Diliman, Quezon City 1127
*send us an email at komikon.contests[@] to confirm if we have received it

Drop-off points at: Comic Odyssey
•Robinson’s Place, Level 3 Ermita,Manila
•Robinson’s Galleria, Level 3 Expansion Mall,Edsa cor. Ortigas

:bulletblue: Deadline of submissions will be on October 31, 2010. Entries submitted beyond October 31 shall not be accepted.
:bulletblue: Winners shall be announced on the event itself on November 13 and shall be notified via e-mail or phone.
:bulletblue: The judge’s decision is final.

Entries should be in the form of a comic book with the following specs:
:bulletblue: Choose a scene or make a summary of the chosen movie.
:bulletblue: The following information must be included in the entry: Movie title, Major Actor/s, Director,Production Outfit (e.g. Star Cinema, Viva, Unitel, etc), and year when the movie was released.
:bulletblue: Actors / Actresses does not necessarily have to look exactly the same in the comic.
:bulletblue: 8.5 X 6.5 (long bond paper, folded, and stapled twice in the middle)
:bulletblue: Entries should be placed in a short brown envelope with their name, address, phone number, and e-mail written legibly at the upper left hand corner.
:bulletblue: Stories must be 4 to 12 pages long (excluding cover)
:bulletblue: Please note that entries are non-returnable. Entries should be reproductions only. (originals will not be returned)
:bulletblue: Colored and/or black and white entries are accepted.
:bulletblue: There are no restrictions as to the genre or art style that can be used as long as the comic book follows the given theme.
:bulletblue: The story should be in the form of a one-shot title. It should be whole in itself, with a clear beginning, middle, and end. Multiple comic stories in a single entry (anthology) will not be allowed.