Q: How can we participate in KOMIKON?

A: An online registration form is posted in the official KOMIKON website and Facebook account months before the event date. You can register as a Comics Creator, Exhibitor, Indie Tiangge Participant, Sponsor / Donor, Food Seller or Media Partner.

Q: What are items not allowed to be sold?

A: Knock-offs / bootleg & prohibited items under Philippines law are not allowed to be sold.

Q: What are bootlegged merchandize?

A: Companies who have secured licenses from the companies that owned the intellectual properties, spent millions to acquire said licenses, also they spent millions in production to produce the actual product, and unfortunately there has been a rash of copies of the products they produce. These copies are not allowed from being sold in Komikon.

Q: Are we allowed to sell pornographic material?

A: Mature content must have a big warning visible on the table. Sexually explicit/violent covers cannot be displayed on the table, or must be covered up.

Q: Can we sell FANART?

A: Unlicensed artwork and/or boot-legged merchandize are strongly discouraged from being sold.

Q: What is an unlicensed artwork?

A: Characters and imagery from Comicbooks (Marvel, DC, etc), Cartoons (Disney,   Dreamworks, etc), Films, and TV Shows are all wholly owned by the companies  that produce them, they provide licenses for companies who want to use them for their merchandises i.e. posters, shirts, mugs, etcetera in exchange for a fee, if you have not secured a license to sell said item even if you made the actual artwork it is actually illegal and punishable by law to do so.